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My Secret Garden Wedding

Amy & Kyle had an enchanting autumnal wedding day at the Hundred House hotel, Telford, glistening with fantasy frost and fairy vibes!

Picture it: November 2022 (yes I know i'm sooo behind posting this blog!) it's frosty but with a warm, glowing, low autumn sun, and it's your wedding day...

I had such an awesome time shooting at the Hundred House Hotel (their secret garden is so magical!) and i'm so excited to be back there in just two days!

Of course an April wedding will be so different to a November wedding, and it got me thinking - an awesome career goal I would love to achieve, would be to shoot at each of my favourite venues at least once for each of the four seasons! After monday I'll be excited to tick off both autumn and spring at the Hundred House Hotel!

If you're getting married at the Hundred house Hotel in winter or summer, hit me up for a secret discount! In the meantime, I thought it would be nice to reminisce by sharing some of Amy & Kyle's cute snaps... (and if you keep going to the bottom you'll red some fun anecdotes and advice from the bride, Amy - herself!)

The suppliers

Photography: me! -

Dress: Gino Cerruti from Made with Love Bridal

Suits: Peter Posh

Flowers: Bouquets and Beauty -

Rings: Manly Bands (groom) and F Hinds (Bride)

Venue: The Hundred House Hotel & Tithe Barn -

The Interview

Why did you chose the location/venue?

We always dreamed of a barn type venue to get married in, our venue was perfect for this. We also met during autumn and wanted an autumnal theme, so once we saw the barn and it’s rustic charm we knew it was perfect for us. Not to mention the beautiful gardens, the abundance of character  and the amazing staff. It was a no brainer! It was meant for us.


Any funny or interesting moments during the day we could include in the blog?

We had booked a minibus to take me and my bridal party to the venue and the driver had been waiting a while, we were running behind! So we were trying to leave quickly but as I walked out I saw my Nan filming me, then my mum told me they got me a nicer car, only to find my grandad stepping away from his car covered in ribbons personalised for our day and theme and I absolutely burst into tears from the shock. It was so unexpected and was so special I’ll never forget it. But because I told the venue I was arriving in a minibus and not a separate car (as I didn’t know lol!) Jo, our wedding coordinator for the day, was very confused and bless her she was running around trying to figure out where I was! In the end it all worked out, I suppose the bride is never on time is she!?


What’s your best advice for couple planning their wedding?

Book in advance, don’t leave anything until the last minute!


What is your favourite photo and why?

Oh honestly, it’s so hard to pick one favourite out of all the magical photos AJay took of us. But our favourite would have to been the first sneak peek photo (pictrued below). It was so beautiful, we can’t thank AJay enough for capturing the magic of our special day.

Love always, AJay x


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