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Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't find the answer to your question, get in touch

How many hours does each package include?

I go by coverage rather than hours to give you flexibility and peace of mind, however here's what you need to know about time restraints: 'Bridal prep' covers two hours of your bridal preparation before the ceremony (this does not include travel time if you are getting ready at a separate venue to your ceremony), for example if your prep is on site at one venue, and your ceremony begins at 2pm, I will arrive at 12pm, if you were getting ready at home I would arrive at 11.30am. Secondly, where a package refers to coverage to 'first dance' this typically happens between 7.30 and 8pm at most weddings, however if you are planning your cake cutting or first dance after 8.30pm please let me know as this may require additional booked hours.


Do you cover LGBTQIA+ Weddings?

You bet your sweet taco's I do - Love is Love and you don't need to ask here. 

Do you have a contract in place?

Yes! You can view and read my standard contract by clicking here. 

Do you just do Weddings?

Nope! I also frequently cover birthdays, reunions, anniversaries and other ceremonies.

What style of photos do you do?

I offer a modern mix of documentary and romantic style. This means I favour candid and 'in the moment' photos over staged 'stand and smile'. 

But... you do group shots, right?

I can do group shots, but I advise not to get carried away as these can often be very time consuming (guests inevitably wander off to the loo and the bar). Keep your group shot list short 'n' sweet. Here's a rough guide if you're unsure where to start (but of course this entirely depends on your guest list and family circumstances):

Bride & bridesmaids

Groom & groomsmen

Bride, groom , bridesmaids and groomsmen

Bride & parents

Bride & full family

Groom & parents

Groom & full family

Bride, groom & both parents

Bride, groom and both families

One big group shot with everyone

Do you have insurance?

Yes I have full professional coverage including public liability insurance, professional indemnity insurance and equipment coverage. 

What is the turnaround for receiving the photos/videos?

The average turnaround for a wedding gllery to be delivered in full is 6-8 weeks, however during peak times such as April-August, this may be longer. If you have a deadline in mind please do get in touch and I'll see what we can do to help. 

Payments, Deposits & Cancellations

Typically, wedding bookings require a £200 booking fee to secure your date. The booking fee, is a fee in leu of booking my services and covers work carried out by me in relation to your booking in the lead up to your wedding day. The booking fee is non-refundable and secures the date requested by the client.


The booking fee is deductible from the total cost of your package. The outstanding balance is to be paid on or before the date of two week before your service is due to start. In the event of late payment, a charge of £10 per day of lateness will incur to be added to the outstanding balance.

Cancellations made by the client: The booking fee in non -refundable, however the client will not be required to pay any outstanding balance. Attempts to negotiate a refund for the booking fee will be considered harassment and intimidation.

Cancellations made by the photographer: You will be offered a choice of alternative photographers. You have the choice to accept an alternative or be fully refunded for any and all payments made. 

For a full copy of my Terms & Conditions click here

Do you have the rights to publish the wedding photos?

The copyright of the photographs remains with the photographer. This means that the client can reproduce them for personal use only. I have the right to publish photos for business use including but not limited to the website and social media accounts. If you have any safeguarding concerns please make them known at the time of booking.

Where in the UK do you travel?

I travel anywhere in Birmingham and the West Midlands areas free of charge for weddings (travel fees apply to other events). However, for long distances or hard to reach locations I may need to add a small amount for travel expenses to your quote. If you're not sure if this applies to your venue get in touch.

Do we need to feed you?

A hot meal is greatly appreciated for bookings of 4 hours or longer. The reason for this is wedding are often on location at remote venues, so it is often not possible for us to find sustenance for ourselves. "But what about a packed lunch?" you ask; a valid question! To ensure I provide the best service for your day. i need to bring ampl heavy equipment with me, it simply isn't feasible to be able to carry around excess weight, as well as keeping it at a safe temperature as we often do not have access to fridges or microwaves.

I have no specific dietary requirements besides a strong dislike for lamb and pork belly.

What if it rains?

I get wet - you get amazing pictures. I do carry a large clear umbrella for emergencies, and most venues will carry white plain golf umbrellas too, but I do recommend preparing for this if you are worried about rain. 

Do you have back-up equipment?

Yes I shoot with two canon 5D Mark IV body cameras, using professional Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8 L II USM for group shots and low lighting, and a professional Canon Prime lenses such as a 35mm, 85mm and 100mm Macro lens for creative portraiture and candid shots. I always carry a multitude of spare SD, CF cards and batteries and multiple lighting solutions. I alos brign a back up camera body with me in case of emrrgencies or malfucntions.

What if an SD card corrupts?

Unfortunately, sometimes technology fails. The real question is, what do I do to minimise the chances of this happening?

I use the absolute best SD and CF cards on the market (SanDisk Extreme Pro compact flash and SD), and the chances of one failing are 0.4%. To mitigate the risk, I replace my SD & CF cards every 8-12  months. The cameras I use also have two card slots, so even if one corrupts, the chances of both corrupting become much less likely than the 0.4%. I have my camera set so that every photo I take is saved individually to both cards, making two copies of every photo saved, so even if one card corrupts, they will be backed up on a second. I may also change cards throughout the day.

All photos are backed up on two separate hard-drives after your day.

I now shoot with two cameras at the same time, switching between them throughout the day, making 4 cards in play at any one time. 

Despite these precautions, it is highly recommended to all couples to take out wedding insurance. 

Do you cover more than one wedding a day?

Nope! If you book with me, your special day has my undivided attention.

Looking After your USB

All supplied USB's are quality checked and tested by myself before they are dispatched to you. 

USB's are for personal use only. USB's should only be inserted into a computer or laptop. Please do not try to use your USB in a TV, monitor, tablet or other device. Do not force your USB as it may cause damage. When you are finished looking at your photos, you will need to 'eject' the USB. This is done by right clicking the drive in 'my computer' (PC) or 'finder' (MAC) and clicking 'eject' or 'eject safely'. Failure to do so may cause your USB to corrupt. Please ensure your USB is stored safely away from children and does not get wet. 

It's almost impossible to determine whether a USB has corrupted through misuse or is faulty, for this reason, replacements for corrupted or damaged USB's are subject to normal charges.  

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