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Engagement Sessions: Birmingham Hotspots

Engagement photo sessions are a great way to get to know your photographer, and the you that you want to present to the camera. It can be intimidating having a lens pointed at you for hours, so it's a great practise run to put you at ease and get some great shots along the way.

But where to have your shoot?! I've put together a list of my top 6 fantastic local spots in brum, perfect for an engagement shoot to convey your personality and put you at the heart of your comfort zone.

1. Birmingham Botanical Gardens

The beautiful Birmingham Botanical Gardens make a perfect backdrop for any season; be it summer, winter, spring or autumn. I have photographed countless couples for their engagements at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens and will always recommend it as one of my favourite locations.

Birmingham Botanical Gardens is a charity, so they don't mind us taking some snaps, but they do ask that all guests pay the nominal entry fee of around £7.50, which allows you entry all day.

Tickets can be bought here:

2. Licky Hills Country Park

This one's for the outdoorsy couples! Be sure to bring along your wellies and hand wipes, cause you're bound to pick up some mud- but boy is it worth it! The woodlands and hiking trail provide a great route to get lost in a great conversation while you walk, while I take lots of sneaky snaps of you laughing together and generally having a good time.

Not a fan of exercise? (me neither) Don't worry! there's some benches along the way to stop and catch your breath, and while you take in the great views and steal a kiss - I'll be ready with my camera to capture the romantic moment. plus - who doesn't like a good castle ruin for a dramatic photo?!

3. Winterbourne House & Gardens

Winterbourne is a gorgeous stately home in the heart of Harborne, left to the university of Birmingham in a will, it has cultured the botanic arts and encouraged research for over a hundred years. Entry to the house and gardens is just £7.50 - but there's a catch if you want an engagement shoot here. For the privilege of having the gardens to yourself for your shoot (ensuring nobody can wonder into shot), and the rights to the photos of the grounds and gardens, Winterbourne ask for a fee of £150. With my engagement shoots being just £60 anyway, you can have a fairytale engagement shoot like no other at Winterbourne House Gardens for less than the UK average cost.*

For more information or to visit winterbourne House & Gardens visit:

*The national average cost for an engagement shoot is around £250

4. Walsall Arboretum

Walsall Arboretum is a cracking spot for a beautiful natural backdrop for your engagement shoot. From it's sultry lake, earthy greenery, romantic bridges and pretty rose garden - it's got a wonderful array of scenery for your romantic session.

It's also free to enter! There's a charming little cafe where, if you haven't met or booked with me yet, we can have a cup of tea and a chat and ease any worries you have about having your photo taken.

Finally, it has a big open field - perfect for anyone looking to add a bit of colour and fun to their shoot!

5. Cannon Hill Park

Cannon Hill Park in Edgbaston is bursting with life and colour. Beautiful landscaping and wide open spaces make for a beautiful backdrop for a relaxed and romantic walk around the park... with a few snaps along the way.

It's free to park, free to enter and there's even an ice cream van! With their very own mini fun fair and crazy golf course too, there's plenty to do if you want to stick around and wind down after your session is over.

6. Digbeth

This one is for the cool cats and cooky couples that are after a modern fun look. Digbeth is the perfect place as the home of Birmingham's creative arts scene, thriving diversity and city culture. Super bright colours are bursting into life on grungy brick walls around Digbeth, making them awesome backdrops for alternative couples who don't take life too seriously.

Ok so this photoshoot isn't specifically an engagement shoot - but they are examples of the fun and relaxed time you can spend with me having your photo taken.

If you'd like a colourful fun engagement shoot around the heart of Digbeth, get in touch for a whopping 50% off!!!!

If you made it this far - a big massive thank you!!! Engagement shoots really are the bees knees and I would L.O.V.E. to do one for you - even if you've already picked your wedding photographer. (It's not cheating if you pay for it...) My engagement shoots are one hour at £60 and inclusive of all photos, but as I said I would love to give one special couple 50% of a Digbeth engagement shoot!

Thanks again peeps, it's been a pleasure!





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