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Camera Shy? Me too

Welcome! My name is AJay, and i'm the photographer that hates being photographed! Ironic right?

With quarantine generating some seriously boredom blues, I decided to have a fun photo shoot in our picturesque back garden. I had fun with confetti on a sunny day - and it felt so good to ditch the sweat pants and messy bun and dress up like a normal person again!

So what do you think?! Can you tell I hate having my picture taken? This is the magic a professional photographer can work for you on the biggest day of your life.

Here's three great reasons why I might just be the photographer for you, especially if you hate standing in front of a camera.

1. I completely understand how you feel.

No really! I do! Queazy feeling in your tum tum? Feeling totally hideous and like the camera is going to pick up on every blemish? Act super awkward and you just KNOW you're going to pull a ridiculous face at the precise moment the button goes 'click!' Me too. And believe me - for every photo I actually liked there were 10 embarrassing poorly timed ones, but here's the thing - nobody has to see them! And knowing exactly what you're feeling makes me a great person to guide you through the process. I'm not just going to leave you standing there and expect you to act like a supermodel. I got your back!

2. I know how to get over it!

I know all the tricks in the book to help you feel at ease, relaxed and totally confident ready for those all important 'mantle' photos. And to prove i'm not just all talk - I took my own advice for this shoot, and it shows, right?! I've never had photos like these where i felt confident and... dare i say - pretty?! I told myself little jokes and remembered fun memories, I acted silly and had fun, and that's what it's all about. If I can help myself, I can help you too. I work hard telling you cheesy jokes and letting you know when you look G.R.E.A.T to get natural smiles and help you feel like the star you are.

3. The proof is in the pudding!

Don't just take my word for it, let's hear from some amazing brides and grooms who were uneasy about having their photo taken too. They've been kind enough to share their experiences of having their photos taken by me on their wedding day.

Sabine & Jacob

"We had such a great and fun experience having our photos done, we felt comfortably at ease and not awkward at all as we did worry about this before hand since we've not had a photographer focus on us before like this but she was very professional yet fun."

Becky & Dale

"I initially did not want a photographer due to being so self conscious. A friend told me that I would regret it so I caved. As soon as I met AJay I knew I made the right decision. I viewed my photos today and they are better than what I could have imagined."

Patricia & David

"As older newly weds, AJay helped to make us and our guests feel relaxed and comfortable."

What do you think?

Do any of these gorgeous people look anxious or nervous?

It's an honour for me to help them feel comfortable and look their best so they can remember their amazing day in all it's glory for years to come.

If you're uneasy about having your photo taken, or unsure about having a photographer for you wedding at all, i'd love to chat to you - no obligation of course! I can offer some friendly advice, assurance, all from an experienced and knowledgeable point of view.


AJay x



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